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Your Home and TLC

By: Grant Moon 03/18/15 11:40 am

It’s an interesting twist but not that uncommon. Someone decides to sell their home, meets with a real estate agent and is presented with a list of things the agent thinks needs to be done to put the property in its best light. Over the years, a home can accumulate a stain there, cracked paint here and a few cobwebs. There are also smudges around nearly every light switch and the kitchen sink has faded. The home gets a thorough cleaning, new paint and updated hardware. Suddenly, the homeowner sees the home in its best and starts thinking, “Wow, my place looks great! Why am I selling?”

Think that doesn’t happen? It certainly does, especially if it’s been a while since the home has been updated. Sometimes people decide, “You know what? I’m not going anywhere, I love my ‘new’ house!” When was the last time you gave your home some serious TLC? It’s a lot less expensive than selling and certainly less of a hassle. Moving, packing and finding a new home is no small task. So what can you do to give your house a makeover?

The first is a thorough cleaning. You can certainly do this on your own but hiring a one-time professional cleaning crew will do wonders as they clean areas you could very easily overlook. From rafters to walls to floors and cabinets, every square inch is attended to. How are the floors? Carpet stained? Your agent probably told you to switch out the carpet and it’s not that expensive. Putting down new carpet freshens both the look and feel of a home. Get out the masking tape and give your walls a brand new coat of paint. No need to replace your cabinets but you might think of restaining or painting them along with some shiny new hardware.

Hey, even if you’re not selling, it’s a good idea to be best friends with your home once again. Don’t take it for granted. A well-kept home will add value over time. And you don’t have to move to get that same good feeling once again.


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