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Your Certificate of Eligibility: Flying Solo

By: Grant Moon 07/29/14 10:57 am

The simplest way to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility is to have your VA approved lender request it for you. Approved VA lenders have access to ACE, the Automated Certificate of Eligibility and along with your loan application and authorization, your certificate will arrive in a matter of seconds. However, sometimes you want to get a copy of your certificate on your own without speaking with a lender or you’re curious to see whether or not you’re eligible and not yet ready to apply for a VA loan. While you can mail a request to the VA or even visit your nearest regional VA center, you can also obtain your certificate on your own online.

The certificate of eligibility is the only document the VA accepts that validates whether or not you’re eligible to apply and be approved for a VA mortgage. The certificate must accompany your VA loan application along with the rest of your documentation. To obtain your certificate online, you’ll need a copy of your DD-214 as the information on the certificate must match exactly the information on your discharge papers. If you’re active duty, you need your statement of service at your side.

Next, visit the eBenefits portal and if you’ve yet to do so, you need to register. Once registered, follow the instructions on the screen. Once your request has been completed you will be able to both view and print your certificate of eligibility. Sometimes the information submitted does not match VA records or the VA lacks additional information needed to complete your request. In such instances you may be asked to contact the VA for further instructions.


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