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mortgagemortgagemortgageVeterans Could Be Better Employees

By: Grant Moon 03/26/12 07:30 am

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A research study conducted at the Institute for Veterans and Military families, Syracuse University, revealed hiring employees with military background could be an asset to any organization in civilian environment. Veterans with their specialized training have accumulated exceptional skills making them invaluable in today’s competitive business environment.

Military veterans are armed with decision making skills associated with positive employee traits. These skills are a critical ingredient for the success of any business.

The research lists 10 specific reasons as to why veterans make better leaders:

  1. Veterans are entrepreneurial.
  2. Veterans can be trusted to do any job assigned to them.
  3. Veterans can multi-task
  4. Veterans are adaptable to different working conditions.
  5. Veterans are excellent team builders.
  6. Veterans are highly committed to any task assigned
  7. Veterans have cross-cultural experiences.
  8. Veterans have skills to work under diversified working conditions.
  9. Veterans have high technical training.
  10. Veterans work well with discontinuous situations.

Researchers hope the new report will do its fair share to reduce unemployment among veterans, and promote the group’s ability to manage and build businesses.

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