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By: Grant Moon 09/15/12 02:22 pm



When it comes to the most important qualities that one should look for in a lender, experience and specialization tops the charts. It is also important that the lender is VA-approved and has a good number of years of experience. It is more helpful when one can view the testimonials and feedback that previous clients have left for the desired VA lender. This feedback always helps a borrower to decide about choosing a particular lender.

It is a good practice to compare several lenders to get VA loan rates. A borrower will have a variety options and VA loan lenders so they can choose the best value being offered by VA approved lenders.

Every lender is required to provide their customers with a good faith estimate. This document is provided to the borrower to outline every anticipated cost that is associated with the loan. It allows the borrower to disclose all fees and expenses that lenders may charge. The estimate combined with your research make this document a good guide in determining what your monthly payment would be. Note:  All good lenders will take the time to walk you through and questions relating to the estimate. If the lender doesn’t take the time with you to answer questions then you should find another lender.

In order to be clear about how VA closing costs and fees stack up, it is important that the borrowers compare good faith estimates from each and every lender that they come across. Since rates, fees, and costs offered by different lenders can vary, you should compare the offers to make an informed decision.

While looking for a VA loan lender, borrowers should be cautious about not letting more than four lenders access their credit scores. That is because a borrower’s credit score might get dropped when it is being pulled up by several lenders in a short period of time. Credit Bureaus sometimes assume that the borrower is getting rejected by too many lenders if  excessive credit pulls occur in a short period of time. Hence, in order to avoid any confusing mistakes at the credit bureaus; the borrowers must do some research about the VA loan lender before allowing them to pulling their credit score.

VA Loan Captain, Inc. assists borrowers compare rates and fees with VA approved lenders. Each of VA Loan Captain Lenders are pre-screened to provide the best value for the borrower with high standards of customer service.

Finding a right lender could take some time due to complicated eligibility requirements and military exclusivity of VA loans. Before committing to anything it is a good idea to take the time to shop around for the best rates and loan terms.


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