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VA loan Certificate of Eligibility

By: Grant Moon 05/21/13 12:27 pm


COE stands for Certificate of Eligibility and is your official document generated by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs affirming, or not, your eligibility to receive a VA home loan. The COE is one of the very first steps to take when embarking on the VA mortgage process. How do you get your COE and what’s on that document, anyway?


If you’re curious or you just want to make sure you’re eligible for the VA home loan benefit without contacting a VA lender, you can log directly onto the website at Here you will find out, step by step, how to get the COE.

If you’re a veteran or qualified current or previous National Guard or Reserve member recently activated, you’ll need to have a copy of your DD 214 to get the COE process started. Your DD214 will show the reason for your departure from service, with the key element being an honorable discharge.

Next, go to and register for a new account. After you’ve registered, follow the online instructions and apply for your COE, the link is clearly visible on the right hand column of the site. Complete the application, enter your information and provide the data listed on your DD-214.

You can also get your COE the old-fashioned way by completing the government form 26-1880, which is a manual request for your COE.

Lender Assistance

The most convenient way to get your COE is to let your VA lender do it for you. VA lenders have access to a special portal called the Web LGY system. The VA lender enters your information electronically and literally within seconds, a copy of your COE is delivered to your lender.

Getting your COE is one of the very first steps in getting your VA loan approved. You can do it yourself or have your lender do it for you, but without it, your VA loan application can’t proceed.


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