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Online VA Approved Lenders

By: Grant Moon 12/05/12 11:18 am


Online VA Lenders


The internet literally brings the world to your desktop.  You can find information on just about anything and everything with just a few keystrokes.  You can find cars for sale, banks and financial news within seconds.  But should you use a lender found online?

When the internet first came about in earnest in the late 1990s consumers were still skeptical.  Yes, you can find a ton of information and exchange emails but still the everyday consumer was wary of putting their personal information online such as their names, social security numbers and bank account number online.  Today however, it seems that most everyone has made a purchase online with their credit or debit account or provided some sort of personal information to a lender.

As you begin your search for a VA loan lender you’ll find your fair share of VA lenders that pop up in your search results.  How do know if the VA lender is legitimate?

Place a call and speak with a VA loan officer and ask a few questions about their rates, reputation and service. Understand that a VA lender has been vetted by the Department of Veterans Affairs and lenders that are authorized to issue VA loans have passed the ethical and financial requirements of the VA.

But you can do your own due diligence.  Log online and research the company with the state agency that regulates mortgage lenders in your state.  Check to see if any complaints have been filed. Do the same with the Better Business Bureau which also keeps a list of member companies and consumer complaints.  And finally ask the VA lender for referrals from past clients.

All VA loan lenders will have an online presence. In fact, most VA loan lenders use the internet as their primary source for consumers to apply for a VA loan.  Don’t be wary of a VA lender you’ve found online.  Just due your own homework and ask the right questions.  Soon, you’ll find your perfect VA lender.


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