Wondering if a VA Loan is right for you? Check out our calculators and other interactive tools.

VA Loan Payment Calculators

  • Mortgage Payment Calculator – Calculate your monthly payment with applicable financial charges, PMI, hazard insurance and property taxes. You can even print the schedule for download!
  • Mortgage Principle Calculator – This calculator lets you to see the remaining balance of your mortgage after several months or years of repayments.
  • Mortgage Length Calculator – See how much you’ll save by making larger monthly payments.

VA Loan Affordability Calculators

  • Affordability Calculator – How much you can borrow from a lender? Use this calculator to calculate the amount you can afford from the lender’s point of view.
  • Tax Benefit Calculator – This calculator will calculate your tax savings after a house purchase. Financial analysis includes first year as well as total tax savings.
  • Rent Versus Buy Calculator – Still renting an apartment and thinking about a home purchase? This calculator can help you make the final decision.

VA Loan Refinancing Calculators

  • Which loan is better? Can’t decide which loan offer is better? Input your numbers here and lock-in the best offer.
  • Should I Refinance? Is your old APR (Annual Percentage Rate) too high? Estimate the benefits of refinancing using this calculator.