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Time for Spring Giving

By: Grant Moon 03/20/15 11:32 am

It’s the first day of spring. It certainly may not feel like it in some parts of the country but the date on the calendar cannot be denied. It’s also the time of year when many home owners take inventory of the stuff they own and start the annual “spring cleaning.” Cities and communities often set up special drop-off areas for residents to dispose of debris, tree limbs and old appliances. Typically anything the owners don’t want around the house any longer and have the ability to take their former treasure to the city dump. However, if you’re getting ready for spring cleaning, don’t automatically think “disposable” but “charitable.”

Are those two chairs against the wall in your living room getting on your nerves? Have you cleaned and repaired them too many times? You might be able to sell them but the easiest way is to give them away. And most every charitable organization that accepts your used items including clothing, furniture and appliances will come to your house free of charge and pick up those no longer wanted items. Some charities will take your donations, refurbish if needed then sell them to support their organization. Others will take your items and provide them to disabled veterans to use and wear. Not sure which charity to give them to?

There are online resources that can provide suggestions and still other websites devoted to rating a particular charity. Some charities end up spending more funds on administration and payroll costs leaving less to the recipients while others are known for their ability to operate on a super thin budget providing as much to their cause as realistically possible. Some charities send their funds to a national office for distribution while others concentrate on serving those in your home town.

When giving your home its annual once-over, don’t think trash. Let someone else decide whether or not that old sofa can be used for a charitable cause. You’ll not only accomplish your spring cleaning mission but help someone in need at the same time. Not a bad idea, don’t you think?


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