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The VA Loan Team

By: Grant Moon 05/03/14 02:11 pm

The VA Loan Team

Successful VA loan officers close millions of dollars per year in VA mortgage loans. Such loan officers have established themselves as leaders in the VA mortgage community and have spent years cultivating their market and making sure there is a steady stream of referrals from the local real estate and business community. Solid VA loan officers are constantly nurturing their client base and regularly send communications to their previous clients, their real estate agent base and other sources of business. In fact, successful VA loan officers surround themselves with an entire production team. Who can some of these players be?

One person you’ll likely get to know very well is your loan processor. The loan processor is the loan officer’s primary cog in the wheel of production. Once your loan application is documented and submitted for a preapproval your loan processor will make sure everything that is needed in order for the loan to go to underwriting is in fact included in your loan package. If you’re missing a paycheck stub or you need to forward some insurance information, the loan processor will make the request and include the requested documentation with your loan application.

Once the loan has gone to underwriting and the underwriter has a question or two about your loan, it’s likely your loan processor will be contacting your with the request. A successful loan officer may also have an assistant designed to answer any initial questions you may have about the loan process. Certainly your loan officer shouldn’t simply vanish once you’ve submitted your loan application but many do have staff that helps them help their clients as their loan applications move through the system. Good loan officers may have 10 or more VA loan applications in process all at once and that’s a lot of questions to field. When you’re referred to one of the top VA mortgage lenders in the area, you can expect to be helped by a team of professionals rather than just your loan officer.


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