5 Things Veterans Look For In A REALTOR®

By: Grant Moon 09/26/16 06:41 pm

Veterans and military servicemembers have sacrificed a lot in defense of our country. In recognition of their service, the US Government grants them certain resources and benefits – one of which is the VA Home Loan Benefit. This benefit is often the best chance that many servicemembers will have to purchase a home, so they are particularly selective about the REALTORS® they work with.

Here are 5 things Veterans look for when they choose a REALTOR®:

  1. A REALTOR® who understands the tight timelines of military moves
    Servicemembers relocate (PCS) every 2-3 years with orders that are often issued only 6-8 weeks in advance. REALTORS® who understand the timelines of servicemembers can provide them with peace-of-mind during the stressful moving process so they can focus on what’s important – preparing for the move.
  2. Familiarity with the VA Loan process
  3. The VA Loan process traverses both public and private sectors, which involves filling out government paperwork and gathering financial statements for mortgage lenders. REALTORS® who understand the VA Home Loan process can help guide veterans and servicemembers through the process quickly and effectively.

  4. Knowledge of the home appraisal process required by the VA
    The VA tries to ensure that all homes bought by veterans are safe, sanitary, and structurally sound and in move-in condition. A REALTOR® who is familiar with the appraisal process will be sure to screen homes for defects before showing a home to a Veteran, which can save time and speed the process along.
  5. Ability to educate the seller and seller’s agent about the VA Loan
    Due to the lack of knowledge about the VA Loan process, some sellers prefer buyers with conventional loans. A veteran-focused REALTOR® can help educate the seller on the VA Loan process to ensure the veteran is represented accurately in the transaction.
  6. A REALTOR® who is proud to serve those who served
    REALTORS® who work with servicemembers have a passion for helping veterans achieve their piece of the American dream. They fulfill their sense of duty to America by helping find a home for those who have fought to protect ours.

There are currently 23 million veterans and servicemembers right in your local community. They transact over $153 billion annually. Learn how you can help tap into and serve the veteran community here!

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