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Steps to Follow Before Moving Into Your New Home

By: Grant Moon 04/17/12 07:30 am

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Selecting your dream home with your pre qualified VA loan amount is just the beginning of your home purchase process. Still unsure what to do after you select your dream home? We recommend that you follow these steps so that the move to your new home is easier and quicker.

  1. When you offer a price on the house, the seller can accept the offer, reject it, or give a counter offer. With the rejection, or the counter offer, the seller often quotes a higher price or changes certain terms and conditions of the deal. You will then have to take a decision with regard to the counter offer.
  2. Once you agree on the purchase price of the house, all the necessary legal paper work related to the sale of property has to be done. Normally you select a settlement agent or a closing attorney to assist you.
  3. With the prior approval of the seller, you’ll hire a professional home inspector to check the house for any defects which is a VA requirement. If defects exist, you can ask the seller to fix such problems or compromise on the price. The VA does require however the home is in “move-in condition”.
  4. The next step is to get homeowners insurance.  Work out the best deal that includes special coverage specific to your home’s location – floods, earthquakes, etc.  Please consult your VA approved lender for more information about insurance for your home.
  5. Although it may be many months before you actually move into your new home it is important to plan ahead. If you have decided to use professional packers and movers, get 2-3 quotes from different companies to evaluate the best vendor for the move. Make sure to update your utility services, financial services and the post office with your change of address.
  6. Finally, you will have your closing which is signing all of your required documents.  Before you sign the final settlement documents, also called HUD-1, check it for any discrepancies or errors. Pay the final amount, then you are ready to move into your new house.

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