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Preparing for a VA loan Refinance Appraisal

By: Grant Moon 05/04/13 01:31 pm

Preparing for a VA loan Refinance Appraisal

If you’re considering refinancing your VA mortgage and an appraisal is in order, can you affect the value of your property? For example, say you’re applying for a VA cash out refinance and the amount you can borrow is dependent upon the final appraised value. The higher the value, the more cash in your pocket. Can you really help increase the value? There are a few things you can do that might help.


Before an appraiser visits your property in order to complete a VA appraisal, a bit of research is performed. The appraiser will first review recent sales in your neighborhood of properties similar to yours that occurred within the previous 12 months. This provides the appraiser with a starting point on the potential value of your home. Once the appraiser makes an onsite visit to your home, your home is now being evaluated.

You need to provide a good first impression and this is achieved initially with a strong curb appeal. Make sure your lawn is mowed and manicured. Clear out any dead limbs from trees and trim shrubs around your house. If you can, clean the exterior of your home with a power wash and if you have a porch, get rid of clutter and provide a pleasant entryway.

Inside Job

Clear your cabinets and bookshelves of clutter and make sure the house is clean. Put dishes in the dishwasher and out of the sink. Sweep floors, clean countertops and baths.

If you’ve made any recent improvements on your property that might increase the value of your home, point that out to the appraiser. If you upgraded your kitchen and installed high quality appliances and granite countertops, point that out. An upgraded kitchen or bath increases a home’s value compared to other homes in your area. A new deck? Sprinkler system? Anything that can increase the value of your home should be explained to the appraiser. Make the appraiser’s job easy. Tell them why your home is better than anyone else’s.


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