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New Job Offer?

By: Grant Moon 11/08/13 09:08 am

New Job Offer?

As a veteran, you know all about changing stations. And you chuckled a bit when you received a “Permanent” change of station notice. There’s hardly anything “permanent” about it, is there? But if you’re moving to another state with a brand new job, how can you buy a home and finance it with your VA home loan benefit before you arrive at your new destination?

The first consideration is finding the right home. You can find an experienced real estate agent who can help you nail down a few prospects and you can make a trip or two to visit these homes, but before you jump through those hoops you need to understand how VA lenders view job offers from a new employer. Especially if you’re moving a couple of time zones away.

If you’re only moving across town and keeping your current job, there’s no issue. Your income and employment are the same. But taking a new job in another city is a different scenario. VA lenders will require that you be on the job and have 30 days of full time employment under your belt. And while an actual Employment Offer from the future employer will verify that you have a job in that new town, a pay check stub with your name on it from that new job needs to be in your possession.

An individual VA lender might make an exception, but this is something you’ll need to address before you get too far with your house hunting journey. If that’s a problem, simply find a month-to-month rental while you house hunt.


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