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National Guard and Reserve Requirements

By: Grant Moon 02/23/15 11:37 am

It naturally follows that the Veteran’s Administration oversees the implementation and distribution of benefits allowed veterans. The VA home loan is no exception. An honorably discharged veteran of the Armed Forces is eligible for a VA guaranteed mortgage. Yet another group also qualifies under certain conditions: National Guard and Armed Forces Reserve members.

The VA home loan guaranty program is available to National Guard and Reserve members who have fulfilled certain conditions. This no down payment loan is available to those with at least six years of service and honorably discharged. This is by far the largest group.
Yet those who have served for more than 90 days on active duty during wartime may also be eligible for the benefit. For those who were honorably discharged from service due to a service-related injury or disability, they may also apply for a VA loan. Guard and Reserve members who were identified as retired or transferred to the Standby Reserve can also take advantage of the program.

The single biggest obstacle for most home buyers is coming up with the funds necessary for a down payment and closing costs yet the VA home loan takes care of those two issues by eliminating the need for a down payment and limiting the types of closing costs the borrower is required to pay. And even though the term “veteran” is used throughout the VA loan approval process, it’s not just for those who have served and honorably discharged from the armed forces.


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