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Is Obtaining a Home Loan Confusing?

By: Grant Moon 05/04/12 07:30 am

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When you decide to buy the home of your dreams, you can apply for a VA loan with your VA loan Certificate of eligibility as proof to finance the home purchase. Exploring the various VA loan repayment programs that are best suited for your pockets can be very challenging. Buying your own home can be a great decision, but can sometimes place a strain on your budget. It is important to do your research on the various VA loan repayment programs available and the VA loan property requirements so that you can make timely mortgage payments.

The following tips will help you smoothly navigate the network of VA loan mortgage pathways:

  1. Organization: When planning to buy a house get your financial house in order and organize your pay stub, tax, and bank account documents as they will be required by your VA loan lender.
  2. Credit: Always check your credit statements before applying for a loan and correct any mistakes that show up on your report. It is estimated that 1 out of 4 people have errors on their credit report. A key determination that a lender makes about your ability to pay back a loan is based on your credit score.
  3. Qualification: Know your financial means and what you could afford in the worst case scenario. Even if you can qualify for a higher loan amount it is wise to take loans out that don’t stretch your budget. Unforeseen life events make it possible to have a mortgage beyond your financial means so the lower your loan amount the safer you are.
  4. Know your Costs: Be aware of the various associated costs such as the VA Loan Funding Fee, closing costs, cost of relocating homes, utility services, property tax, and so on. This could put a constraint on your finances if you have not  made appropriate provision for  the common costs of homeownership.

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