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Go Ahead…Pick Up the Phone

By: Grant Moon 11/24/14 11:34 am

There are plenty out there who are curious about using their VA home loan benefit to buy their first home but for whatever reason they’re holding back. Maybe there are more than one reason or perhaps they’ve conclude in their own mind that home ownership is simply too big of a challenge. That makes sense and probably most every first time homebuyer that went through the process can relate. There was indeed some degree of trepidation but after going through the process wondered why they took so long. Is this you?

If you’re paying rent right now you can make a mortgage payment just the same. Instead of paying a landlord you’re paying the mortgage company. And each time you do make a monthly payment, you’re building long term wealth and security. But if you’re still not sure, why not pick up the phone and get prequalified?

A prequalification is nothing more than a 10 minute phone call with an experienced VA loan officer who will ask a few basic questions regarding employment, credit and other items. There’s no obligation at all and yes, the loan officer will probably keep you in a database to follow up with later but that’s really about it. It doesn’t cost anything other than your time and even if you’re not ready right now to buy you’ll know the things you will need to do when you’re ready to make an offer on a home.


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