Through their acts of dedication and selflessness, our veterans and service members have earned a wide range of benefits for themselves and their families. Although the VA loan was designed specifically for those who served, there are some specific requirements for eligibility.

If you served on (or were called to) active duty after 8/2/90, you must have either:

and you must have:


If you are currently on regular duty:


If you are in the Selected Reserves or National Guard:

Unless previously eligible, you must have completed six years in the Selected Reserves or National Guard as a member of an active unit, attending weekend drills and 2-week active duty for training

and, you have been one of the following:


If you are not a veteran or service person, you must be either:





To determine eligibility you may also complete VBA-26-1880 and mail to the address shown with a copy of your DD214


Go to www.ebenefits.va.gov and register for access then follow the instructions on obtaining your Certificate of Eligibility.


Unmarried Surviving Spouses can complete VA Form 26-1817 and mail this to the following address:

VA Loan Eligibility Center

PO Box 20729

Winston-Salem, NC 27120

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