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Doing It Yourself?

By: Grant Moon 11/12/14 11:35 am

Think you’re handy around the house? Is your toolbox in order and all the sockets, screwdrivers and drill bits all in the right place? Do you know what Teflon tape is for? If you manage several properties or just taking care of your own place, being a do-it-yourselfer is actually a lot of fun for many people. Not only can weekend “fix-it” be almost a hobby, it saves a lot of money as well. When you rented an apartment and the kitchen faucet leaked incessantly, you called the apartment manager or your landlord. But if you own the property, it’s up to you to fix it. If you must call a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, it’s going to cost you. Much more than simply replacing a washer, fixing the leak.

But there are some things you need to avoid. Even the most practiced maintenance manager knows when to call in the pros. What are some things you need some help with? Anything electrical might need some backup. While it’s relatively easy to change an electrical socket or light switch, if you’re not exactly sure where the green wire needs to go, it’s time for an electrician. The fuse box? You can certainly flip a fuse switch back on but if it repeatedly switches back off, you’ve got an electrical issue. Electricity needs an electrician.

Is there a dead tree outside? Then let’s chop it down, right? Again, this is a job for a professional. There are too many YouTube videos showing trees falling the wrong way—on top of the house. Roof work? Best left to licensed roofers. They climb roofs every day but you don’t. There’s danger there. Any gas appliance that needs work will need the gas turned off. Then back on once work is completed. For this, the gas company will be in charge of turning on then off your main gas line.

In short, anything that can cause harm should be avoided. Fix the leaky faucet or change out the sink disposal, sure. But if it’s possible you can be injured when approaching a project, call a professional. It’s worth it.


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