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Changes to the VA Home Loan Program

By: Grant Moon 08/26/12 10:49 am

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Changes to the VA Home Loan Program


There are frequent changes applied to the VA home Loan Program. These changes normally affect borrowers in positive ways because it improves or clarifies VA loan application guidelines. In August 2012, there were two main enhancements issued; VA Circular 26-12-6 and the Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012 which were both published by the Veterans Administration (VA).

These improvements offer some changes that we will discuss.  VA Circular 26-12-6 discusses enhancements with the verification requirements relating to income, employment, and what can be considered as income. The Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families act of 2012  is centered on enhancements to VA loan county limits.

The means in verifying employment and income are the primary theme of VA Circular 26-12-6. The circular states that the VA will no longer require lenders to use an approved employment verification provider. Lenders may use any employment verification system so long as it meets the VA requirements.  In, addition, the circular gives guidance on the ability to use special Social Security disability assistance as eligible income.

The Social Security Administration has a program that provides compensation to those who are not able to work due to a medical condition that will last a minimum of one year. Lenders can utilize income from this source as eligible income. It is not required to ask for a medical record from a physician concerning the duration of the medical condition.

The Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring Camp for Camp Lejeune Families act is centered on updates to the allowable VA Home Loan county limits. Those limits can be found on the Veteran’s Administration website here.

Candidates for the VA Home Loan Program are veterans, active duty personnel, reservists or national guard members and some surviving spouses that meet the eligibility requirements. Eligible participants are required to produce a Certificate of Eligibility prior to obtaining a VA loan.

The Veterans Administration (VA) also provides assistance to veterans who have questions or need assistance. With the help of VA Loan Captain, achieving the dream of homeownership is within your reach. Please visit for more information and inquiry.


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