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Benefits of a VA Home Loan

By: Grant Moon 07/22/12 07:53 pm

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Benefits of a VA Home Loan

There are numerous benefits associated with VA Loans when compared to other home mortgage options. However, thelargest benefit to a veteran is no requirement for a down payment and no Private Mortgage Insurance. The below categories outline the various benefits associated with a VA Loan.

 No Down Payment

The VA Loan is the only loan of its kind that allows for no money down as a down payment. In many instances this allows the borrower to purchase a home without having the savings to place 20% down on a home which is typically required for a conventional mortgage.

No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

The VA Loan removes the requirement to obtain Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). PMI is typically required for any mortgage where the down payment is less than 20%. This insurance payment is what banks typically require as an insurance policy to reduce the risk of defaulting on the loan. PMI payments are normally between $50-$150 a month depending on the size of the mortgage and can go much higher.

 No Pre-Payment Penalties

Many other loan options will penalize someone for paying off their mortgage early because the bank makes less money the sooner you pay off your loan. This allows the veteran the option to pay their loan off quicker by applying more of their payment to the principle and paying their loan off sooner, if they choose.

Regulated Closing Costs

The VA places a limit on what closing costs can be charged by a lender. This limits the amount of fees that a lender is legally allowed to charge you in connection to your loan. In addition, the VA allows for the seller to pay for your closing costs. This is a negotiable item that is between the buyer and the seller.  

 Assumable Mortgage

With permission from the VA you can have someone else assume your mortgage. This transfers liability of the loan from you to whoever assumes the mortgage. It is required to get permission from the VA if you choose this route.

 Hardship Assistance

If a VA Loan becomes delinquent the VA will take an active role in working with the loan servicer in instances where the loan servicer can’t help the veteran. Two special servicing centers provided by the VA are available to assist with these issues. You can reach VA Loan Specialist with the VA by calling 877-827-3702.

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