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Answers to FAQs for Eligibility on VA Home Loans

By: Grant Moon 04/16/12 07:30 am

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Certificate of Eligibility is the most important document required for a VA loan. Before approaching a VA Home loan approved vendor, it is important to have the certificate handy. If you are a veteran planning to obtain a VA Home Loan, review the answers to the most common questions people have about a VA Loan Eligibility Certificate below.

1. How will I get my VA Loan Eligibility Certificate?

You can apply for your VA Loan Eligibility Certificate by submitting a fully completed VA –Form26 -1880 to the Atlanta Eligibility Center, along with proof of your military services. Or, you can complete the VA Loan Eligibility form to have a VA Approved Lender assist you.

2. Can I apply for my VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility through my lender?

VA approved lenders can apply for the VA Loan Letter of Eligibility quickly through an internet based application system called Web LGY. For this, VA should have conclusive data about the applicant in their records.

3. Can I apply for a second VA loan?

You can apply for a second VA loan, if you have fully paid off the first one. To reinstate the eligibility, you are required to submit a completed VA Form26 -1880 with the Atlanta Eligibility Center along with the Paid-in-Full statement from your VA approved lender and documents relating to sale of property, if any. Or, you can complete the VA Loan Eligibility form to have a VA Approved Lender assist you.

4. Can I obtain a VA loan if my first loan is partially paid up and the property is sold?

This is possible, if you have used only a portion of your eligibility rights on the first VA loan. The remaining portion of the eligibility rights can be used for obtaining another loan. However, the details pertaining to a new VA Loan info and eligibility for a VA loan should be discussed with your lender.

5. Are surviving spouses or children of deceased veterans eligible for VA loans?

Surviving spouses of veterans who died while on active duty or due to service related disabilities are eligible for VA loans. However, children of eligible veterans cannot apply for a VA loan.

You should be able to quickly process and get your Eligibility Certificate and apply for your VA Home Loan. VA Loan Captain can help you get your VA loan without any down payment or PMI and will guide you through every step of the loan process. For more information, please contact


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